We provide first class maritime service

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sea ports are spaces that make possible to link and exchange goods through the sea. Being vital in order to achieve the success of foreign trade, guaranteeing the timely delivery and receipt of products from thousands of brands.

Mexico is a country surrounded by the sea, which makes it one of the giants of maritime trade in the American continent. Since maritime transport is responsible for 90% of world trade, the country has several ports and terminals, and DICEX operates in 7 of the main commercial ports.

This way and thanks to the effort of more than 200 collaborators, we offer a first-class maritime service in:
Lazaro Cardenas

Amongst the main industries we serve, are Tier 1 and Tier 2, retail, construction materials, furniture, chemicals, steel, cosmetics, cosmetics, food, kitchen products, hygiene and health products.

Our country exports 80% of its merchandise by sea, and DICEX is part of that achievement.

By land, sky or sea, we are your integral solution for global trade.

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