Savings in multiple industries with the company “Coldtainer”

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The cold supply chain is one of the most delicate in the industry. Coldtainer USA gives a solution to facilitate processes with an innovative product.

The company announced that a wide range of customers, from LTL to commercial and residential service providers are reporting significant savings in capital and operating costs using Coldtainer units.

The Coldtainers are active mobile isothermal containers, with a cooling unit of 12 V, used to transport perishable products at the appropriate temperature, designed for professional operators.

Companies have mentioned that with refrigerated containers have savings of between $ 7,000 and $ 9,000 per vehicle compared to the cost of insulated and refrigerated trucks, likewise reduce operating costs because these units are installed in vans that have a better Fuel economy, and virtually no maintenance required compared to refrigeration units.

Coldtainer refrigerated containers allow transporting products over longer distances, with a lower capital investment, and with twice the fuel savings. The company manages an initial cost of less than $ 25,000 for a frozen food truck, a 32 cubic foot front opening Coldtainer model designed to transport frozen products to -6 ° F.

There is currently increasing interest from companies that need temperature control for part of their loads as they depend on trucks for deliveries of fresh food, ready meals, vending machines, pharmaceutical products and other products, and their loads also include often a mixture of dry products and perishable items that must be maintained at precise temperatures.

Coldtainer refrigerated portable containers are a very flexible and convenient solution for the transport of perishable products.

At DICEX we have refrigerated transport and refrigerated storage to support our customers throughout the supply chain. We consider that the products offered by the company coldtainer are definitely of great support to contribute to the product not losing quality throughout the process, it reduces costs as well mentioned and it does not require a van adapted to refrigeration as such, but rather Isothermal containers are placed and can be moved.

Of course, speaking of very large amounts would have to be seen if it is possible to use them, but at the moment they seem as a great option in costs and efficiency.