Intermodal transportation: sky, sea or land

Monday, February 1, 2021

Current situation of transportation infrastructure in Mexico 

Transportation infrastructure is constantly improving in order to accommodate the needs of customers operating in Mexico.


The International Airport of Mexico City, the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport of Guadalajara, and the International Airport of Monterrey are the main hubs of cargo movement in the country.


There are two alternatives: railroad and auto transport. The first one has evolved significantly to incorporate new technology that enhances larger cargo volumes, efficiencies and greater speed

However, the second alternative has lost ground in terms of profitability. This can be explained by a wide range of factors such as insecurity and gas price volatility. Still, auto transport remains as a viable option for users operating in Mexico. 


The evolution of port infrastructure is similar to the constant changes in the railroad industry. This industry has incorporated technology and innovation to their logistical processes in order to increase the cargo capacity of national ports


So, what is the best alternative for product transportation?

The answer lies in the most viable option, by far: intermodal transportation. These are its benefits: 

  • Better fares and lower cargo manipulation costs
  • Cutting edge tracking technology
  • On-time  deliveries
  • A 67% reduction of polluting emissions
  • The integration of applied technology of the 4.0 Industry and telecommunication innovations regarding smart logistics, digitalization, big data, etc.
  • The creation of thousands of jobs in Mexico.


Mexico’s infrastructure projects in the making represent a great opportunity for intermodal transportation and logistics. These include the Tren Maya, an interoceanic corridor, anda an amplified network of railroad and port communications. 

Also, the Mexican Association of Intermodal Transportation is constantly working to transform and support the development of this logistic alternative. 

DICEX is joining efforts with the industry to make intermodal transportation a key element of Mexico’s development. Our Customs Agency experts provide high quality assessment for final users, generating the trust that is needed for the success of this logistical alternative.