Government seeks to simplify importation paperwork in textiles and construction materials

Resolution 170 indicates the simplification of procedures for 158 tariff positions.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Through constant changes and resolutions the Mexican government has sought to continue promoting international trade in our country and with it the growth of companies and their economy.

As an example we have resolution 170 published in the Official Gazette where the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Production where they indicate the simplification of procedures for 158 tariff positions, these mostly focused on inputs of the textile industry (of the 158 licenses that are modified, 70 are various types of yarns that are inputs for the textile industry) and construction, road and mining, ground leveling machines, compactors, road rollers and health instruments, among others.

These changes seek to guarantee access to quality inputs, in the case of textiles, so that the companies of synthetic fabrics and garment manufacturers increase their level of competitiveness.

In the same way, there are resolutions 171 and 169 where the regulation of lead certifications in ink and electrical safety is simplified to favor importation to SMEs.

Some of the sectors that use these products are the metal-mechanic industry, the food industry and the paper industry. In Resolution 171, 21 tariff positions were excluded from the scope of the ink lead regulation to simplify processes that must be met by the companies that will manufacture printed material, and then market their products.

With Resolution 169, modifications are made in the electrical safety regulations to reduce costs, it is sought to go from 15 business days to 1 day only.

As a foreign trade company we are constantly monitoring the new rules and guidelines to optimize processes and provide a high quality service to our strategic partners and clients, in DICEX the support in import and export of goods is our specialty, and any improvement by part of the government is a great support that impacts us favorably.