DICEX, NYCE, QIMA are already connected

Monday, September 21, 2020

In a globalized world, strategic relationships are an ideal alternative for the optimization of resources, innovation, and access to new markets. Therefore, in order to optimize our logistical processes and satisfy our clients’ needs, DICEX built an alliance with NYCE and QIMA.

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Since 1988, DICEX offers integral solutions regarding businesses’ trade necessities, integrating different units in order to achieve an efficient delivery, storing, logistic, and distribution; to advice on inventory management.

The company, which has offices in Mexico and the United States and operates in ports, customs and special accommodations; has 2,000 employees ready to deploy a capacity to process more than 390,000 orders.


NYCE is a business facilitator that allows importers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to comply with Mexican norms, regulations, and certifications required in the electronics, telecommunications, information technology, chemistry, and plastics industries.

Their service catalog includes laboratory testing at their Asian processing centres, labelling
market entry tailored advice. This provides trust and security for the industry and its consumers, creating synergies among specialized subsidiaries in order to serve more than 80 sectors.


QIMA is a leading global supplier of compliance and quality control services that connects with retailer brands and importers in order to protect, manage, and optimize their global supply chain.

They offer quality control services:

    • Product inspection
    • Auditing of suppliers
    • Laboratory testing
    • Pre-customs clearance inspection, which ensures improved security and allows for trouble-free transit through Mexican customs for all imported shipments to Mexico.


Reaching 120 countries, QIMA is the fastest and most flexible quality control company in the business. QIMA has developed specialized and tailored compliance programs that allow its customers to secure their supply chains.

Their unique and innovative digital platform allows users to access visible, smart, realt-time information regarding their supply chain; which will help them to make informed decisions.

We’re sure that this strategic relationship strengthens our company, allowing us to guarantee a quality service for every of our clients.

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