This is DICEX, your ally in foreign trade

Friday, August 14, 2020

At DICEX, we provide comprehensive solutions for hundreds of companies to conquer the global market, giving added value to their supply chain. Founded in 1988, we offer world-class specialized international trade services.

Get to know our services:


Customs Broker

Our customs agency has 14 active patents in Mexico, 2 in the United States and 27 offices. Every year we manage to carry out more than 2 million operations, among which are customs clearance, virtual operations, management of permits and cargo consolidation.

Logistics and Transportation

We have a wide portfolio of transportation solutions to ensure that your shipments arrive on time and in good shape. We provide land, air, sea and intermodal transportation, with worldwide coverage, local collection and delivery.


Thanks to our excellent warehousing service with CEDIS strategically located in Mexico and the United States, we guarantee the best distribution service. In addition, we have unsurpassed value added services, from shrink wrap and labeling, to fumigation.


We want to support the creation and promotion of businesses in Mexico, which is why we provide personalized legal advice in all import and export processes, so that each business obtains the permits and documentation necessary to operate successfully.


At DICEX, we work so that hundreds of companies have a safe, optimal and successful foreign trade process.

DICEX Trade Made Easy.