DICEX and NYCE, an alliance for compliance of national and international standards.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Towards our objective of connecting and simplifying trade, we have established an alliance with NYCE Group, National Organization for Standardization (ONN) in the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology industry.

Their more than 24 years in the market and wide portfolio of services, have positioned them as a vital strategic ally and current leader in evaluations regarding certification, verification and training in Official Mexican Standards (NOM), Mexican Standards (NMX) and international standards ISO / IEC; also, it has been awarded by CONCAMIN with the Annual Award for Ethics and Values ​​in Industry, and recognized on numerous occasions in the categories of Product Certification Bodies, Personnel Certification Bodies, Verification Units, Certification Bodies of Systems or Personnel, and Proficiency Test Provider.

This alliance will allow us to be backed by the experience of the 7 different subsidiaries which integrate NYCE Group during verification and certification processes; in addition to this, NYCE will be able to access new procedures, both in Mexico and in the United States; reinforcing the security and trust for which they are recognized in more than 80 industrial sectors.

The benefit is mutual, DICEX and NYCE are now connected!