Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The foreign ministers of the five member countries of the MIKTA mechanism; Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia, pointed out that emergency measures taken before COVID-19 should not create unnecessary obstacles to trade or supply chains.

Also, they pointed out that if measures were implemented, they would stick to the principles and rules of the World Trade Organization; being punctual, transparent, temporary and non-discriminatory.

The five countries, also members of the G20 and representing at least 7% of global GDP, said they will work together to coordinate effectively and avoid trade interference, to accelerate the recovery of the world economy. They also seek to maintain market stability, strengthen resilience, and particularly serve the most vulnerable sectors.

The foreign ministers recognized that the virus is a problem that requires a collaborative response and exchange of information with the World Health Organization. With this declaration, the five participating countries demonstrate that despite the importance of keeping distance, united nations are stronger.

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Source: Xinhua Agency